Sun splash, 

Crystal Palace,

Bob Marley and green pear tea.

Pancake breakfast for three:

The century before cars, ministers travelled on their feet.

Prayer amidst the pain, mellifluous and soothing.

Rich enough to spare a smile when the  purse is down to dimes. 

Life (is) spiced by relationships.

As permanent as white beaded anklets, sincerity is its own tatoo.

The ratio of joy to rain is 3:2.


Written 5-2-2015 amidst surviving.

Sweet Orchard Skittles

Atlanta, poetry., Self Esteem, Spirit and In-Spirit-ation

She smelled just just like peanut butter and jelly. 

Had a blonde Jheri curl and hosted the after school program from 3:00 to 6:00. Her skin was  colored and she let them watch the Lion King. On Friday, her surrogate children did the Electric Slide because she would bring her silver boom box.
Mrs. Aderly.

memory #326



“Thusfar has the Lord [Most High] [Great Spirit] [Creator] brought me. I am not worried, cuz THUSFAR has It brought me. He ain’t left me, cuz I know Too Too Too much about Him.”

-an embellishment of Dr. Robert Willingham, Jr.’ s thought 😉

stated August 19, 2013 at the Barraque St. Missionary Baptist Church’s Homecoming… It was truly a flagrant and bright poetic that he spewed.

“Thusfar has the Lord [Most High] Brought Me”koo

Spirit and In-Spirit-ation