This topic has been broadly discussed in many ways and forums. It stirs opinions, anxiety Emotions and talk from individuals to religious bodies as …


I was curiously investigating whether international travel had opened yet, and was happy to find this article.

Be careful! Be safe.



Uproxx/Shutterstock Despite the fact that we miss being able to travel the world during what is arguably the best season for travel, we don’t envy …

Here Are The Countries Still Accepting American Passports And The Precautions They Have In Place


Can’t nothing make a teacher happier than a scheduled oasis of time, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, and the beloved Spring Break!!!!

I know that all of Metro Nashville will rejoice today and next week every zoo, museum, and Chuck E. Cheese will be full!

Time to reset, de-clutter and relax.

Pray for our children and their guardians!

Read Psalms 132. Make a smoothie.

With gratefulness!

Lauren Fitzgerald

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