Pamper Your Man

🥰😍🥰😍🥰 I highly recommend this article! Our husbands, our loved one need pampering to feel that extra care and attention. Very much appreciated.
Same sentiments, more examples.

Men need love and affection too, give it to them! In your home, you are the queen of the castle if you are a woman and he is the king of the castle. Does he feel like a King? Do you feel like a Queen? If not, how can you change that? If you have children, should the princes or princesses get in the way of the King reigning 🤴🏾 or getting his needs met so that he can care for the castle and the kingdom?

Lately, I have been teaching my son to have king behavior! To realize that in history, there have been boy kings. Young children who have had to assume roles of authority and leadership and it all starts with the behavior and example of the king. The Bible tells us that a wife can win her husband without a word through her chaste and obedient behavior. So if we treat our sons and husbands as kings, we will see them rise to the occasion. Similarly, if we raise our daughters to care for the home as Titus 2 states, we are raising a future Queen.

Praising God for the victory ✌️

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