Need to be humble? Reminders on killing our pride

A true and cutting image.
Mmm! A true and cu

I realize the need to be humble.

To not assume that I know why people do or say what they do. To be humble to realize that I want compassion when I make a mistake and because of that, I should be humble when people do something against me. “Mercy triumphs over judgment.” James 2:13

I will be focusing on changing my default of pride, my default of offense.

I have also been studying Proverbs 8, where David speaks of wisdom being prepared: having mingled her wine, having set her table, and crying out for people to turn in to her. Wisdom was there when God founded the Earth, before anything was ever created. God and wisdom are buddies. When desiring to be wise, remember to be humble.
When we do things, we must examine our reasons for doing it. Is this to make me look good? Is this right? Am I doing this out of my own vanity?
Sometimes, our hearts have been black, bruised and dirty for so long that we are not aware of when our perceptions and beliefs come from. However, if one thinks about God getting to look, not at what everyone else sees, but on what is really in our hearts, we are quickened to change. Am I who I say I am?
How many Aesop fables have morals that show us that things are not always as they appear? The Tortiose can be beat the Hare. The mouse can be a savior to the Lion who is caught in a hunter’s net. Let us try not to jump to conclusions!
Do you know any humble people? I have one in particular that comes to mind. She does make humility her focus, but in doing so, she acchomplishes her goal. She considers all sides and she uses understanding in situations when people are offended by her. She apologizes and states her intentions and thoughts. Though she in her thirties, I count her as wiser than many other women I know.

This is also a YouTube video that is on the subject of mercy over judgment.



Cocoa butter.
Reminding us of the time something got the best of us.

A cool scar lived on her inner left ankle from the time the chest of drawers kissed her. Trying to do a cartwheel to a fast song in an itty bitty, tiny, little boarding room.

That is a happy scar.

The basketball got the best of him. It tricked him into fighting another man’s elbow.

Ouch scar.

Remember the pain of asking, “Daddy, I was wondering if…?”

Whatever the silly, young request met with an indignant “NO”.

Dang, man.

Teenage scar

Like flies swarming poop.

Scars are little alarm clocks, “Hey, get up!! It looks like you are about to take an old road!!!”

 © 2016 Lauren Fitzgerald

Daughters of Curious George: The Lady in the Yellow Hat


They done called the First Lady a monkey,

Raven Symone sees no offense. 

I think she needs a prescription for contacts or bifocals,

To help her read between the lines.

But, enough of that, I am the Lady in the Yellow Hat.


Curiosity killed the cat and the catechism, so little George has got my guidance to navigate the Jungle.

I got rose-colored glasses. I get my vitamin D from the Sun. I read. Got coconut oil by the vat. Sugarcane juice in the fridge. 

Sticky situations, and he caught up like webs. Integrity, grace, and providence the only Cloaks of defense. My maiden name is Carmen San Diego. 

Today’s young lady is slightly crazy, I’m reminiscent of a older day.

Like lace gloves, tartlets, TLC before Left Eye died,  and play fighting.

Type that everybody know is gon breastfeed. 

And have a front porch for people watching. 

I kinda help George fight the mainstream. 


Daughters of Curious George