The Truth About My Marriage


Marriage is a blessing.

At one time in my life, I hated marriage and never wanted to be married. I looked at my parents’ relationship and the lack of real love and support and joy, plus my fear of adultery and being controlled kept me far far away in my heart. I had two main reasons: one I assumed or just thought that this vixen at my dad’s job had led him into infidelity and I could not imagine that as great and beautiful as my mom was & two I did not like when my dad spoke harshly and made everyone in the family feel stupid and unworthy. I wanted to be free and never be made to cry by a man. I never wanted to beg a man to stay with me. I never wanted this, I never wanted that. All of my motivations against marriage were hard-fast and negative: I didn’t know any happily married couples. I didn’t see anyone having fun in marriage. I had secrets in my heart that became words and those words became my attitude and my character as the quote goes.

But God had healing for me.

He had a man that He had selected me for and him for me. Every marriage is a covenant with God and if you Google “What is the marriage trend in America?”, the statistics will alarm you. The Bible says that the purpose of marriage is to raise godly offspring and bring glory to God.

I have not always done that. Marriage tests you and pulls out your flaws and weaknesses. The flaws come from my ego, my experiences, my heart. Yet, God giveth more grace.

I pray that my marriage will continue to grow into a testimony, despite all our imperfections.