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The Provident Prepper is an realistic and awesome channel for anyone to learn from. Even if you are not a prepper by nature, you and your family still need to be ready. This is via my husband and his wisdom and prowess.

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Create in me a CLEAN HEART, O God and renew a right spirit within me.

Mountains and Mustard Seeds

CREATE IN ME A CLEAN HEART Devotional for the disorganized #BibleStudy, #organizationThis scripture has graced the chalkboard above my kitchen sink for over a month. I usually rotate the scripture more often, but the last couple weeks has been emotionally and spiritually stressful, and left me feeling a bit misunderstood, misjudged, and like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I’m fighting some pessimism and a bit of the blues. I wrote a blog at the beginning of the week and read it to my husband. He raised an eyebrow and said, “No. This is not your normal. You sound frustrated and that isn’t you.” He was right, and as much as I epically loathe when he is right…he does know me best. I don’t want to spread those feelings, so I shelfed the post while I prayed and focused on reaching a better frame of mind. I found myself looking at this scripture written a month before…

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How to never be broke again



God’s Will and My Choices: A Relationship – Lessons Learned & Life Loved


Slacking is an understatement… I’m missing seven posts!!! This will only be 4 out of 19, but today is my third anniversary as a blogger so it’s the perfect day to get back on track. I’ve only hit my goal of going to the gym 4 times a week 3 out of 10 weeks so…
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There is a new Hero on the scene!! I love the concept of World-Travelling Product Connoisseurs who everybody trusts to have excellent taste!! Meet Aasha and Darcell ❤️❤️❤️ Also, for this particular issue, my Beauty Brand, Hadassah Beauty, was featured. Good things, good things and good news!! Letting our lights 💡 shine! Love, RetroStank


We are so excited to launch our blog. This is our first post and we have been working extremely hard to gather 10 favorite things to share. It was hard to pick from so many amazing things but we have narrowed them down. Below we have listed our favorite things of July.

Aasha’s favorite things of JULY:

  1. Curlmix hair products curlmix.com
  2. Homemade smoothie bowls
  3. Ungodly hour album https://chloexhalle.lnk.to/UngodlyHour
  4. Mented lipstick https://www.mentedcosmetics.com
  5. Hadassah Beauty Shea Butter in Vanillahttps://www.buyhadassah.com/

Darcell’s favorite things of JULY:

  1. Starting my day with guided prayer, gratitude journal and daily devotional time (Churchome/You Version Bible App)
  2. Scotch Bonnet by Dani https://www.scotchbonnetsbydani.com/
  3. Hadassah Beauty Shea Butter in Mango https://www.buyhadassah.com/
  4. Designing rooms through DesignHome App 
  5. Homemade buttermilk pancakes

*A special thing to note is Curlmix, Mented lipstick, Hadassah Beauty Shea Butter and Scotch Bonnets by Dani are Black owned businesses.

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