Google Sites for the classroom


As a third year history teacher, I loved this pertinent infomration! ❤ Hope it helps someone!

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I have recently become an avid fan of Google Sites! Having not been aware of its existence and invaluable use in the classroom and in education, I feel as though I must share it with all my fellow educators!

Google sites allows you to set up your own webpage without any expense. All you need is a G-mail account which can be easily set up within minutes. I would advise setting up a G-mail account as it allows one to access Google apps automatically. Google sites provides teachers with the platform to create their own educational website for their classes. Teachers can post notes on it as well as any assignment tasks. By simply giving students access to your site by giving them the link, they can access all of your work you wish to provide them with within seconds. This is extremely beneficial and useful when one has to…

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