Alleged attack on woman on MTA bus investigated as hate crime

Alleged attack on woman on MTA bus investigated as hate crime
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Pray for all Muslims right now for protection against religious persecution. #love Many perceive that a hatred or dislike should exist between Christians and Muslims because Muslims see Jesus as a prophet, rather than the son of God. But how will they believe unless they hear? Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which art in Heaven.”

Once you read the article, you will see where it details that a “Good Samaritan” pulled Fatoumata Camara, 22, to safety. The phrase “Good Samaritan” reminds us that Luke 10:25-37 is love in action. There were people, even saintly people, who passed by the man beaten by robbers and did nothing. I ask myself how can I show more love? To my husband? To my children? To my community? To people I like and people I don’t like?

Praying love reign in Jesus’ name.


Dr. Tony Evans requests prayer as wife Lois’s cancer returns
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Christ, RetroStank

I am a failing Christian. Dramatic. However, I fail to love.

And in God’s eyes, all my purity is as filthy rags. Yet the love I show will be judged.

Father, I pray that You will retrain my heart and my mind to LOVE, to truly LOVE IN ACTION, not just in flowery words.

In Jesus Christ’s name,


Please watch Tony Evans’ 2015 video about how to love, especially loving our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Christ, RetroStank