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Cocoa butter.
Reminding us of the time something got the best of us.

A cool scar lived on her inner left ankle from the time the chest of drawers kissed her. Trying to do a cartwheel to a fast song in an itty bitty, tiny, little boarding room.

That is a happy scar.

The basketball got the best of him. It tricked him into fighting another man’s elbow.

Ouch scar.

Remember the pain of asking, “Daddy, I was wondering if…?”

Whatever the silly, young request met with an indignant “NO”.

Dang, man.

Teenage scar

Like flies swarming poop.

Scars are little alarm clocks, “Hey, get up!! It looks like you are about to take an old road!!!”

 © 2016 Lauren Fitzgerald



Now see, Miz RetroStank is so many different things (aren't we all?), but namely, she IS a Chistian, wife, mother, light, poetess, songwriter, actress, fashion show coordinator, scriptwriter, freethinker, artist, ATLien, and a weirdo with a love for culture and healing. She wants you to know that you can BE, DO, and HAVE anything and everything through Christ! She is native to the third coast, specifically the Southern kingdoms of Arkansas and Georgia. Sweet as pie, good as gold, and free as a bird, she is the only girl of three chill'un, and lawd, did that make for some imagination and shopaholic tendencies. Her father was an Army man and her mama is an infinitely enthusiastic and loving lady. In any case, exposure to different places, expectation of excellence, and a homeopathic childhood environment, majorly tilted her towards uniqueness; she was THAT girl who wore a dragon-print dress with a mandarin collar one day and a funky TLC-inspired look complete with ponytails and barrettes the next. So, by now, you're understanding that she is all about the spice of life. So sit back, buckle your seat-belt, and enjoy "the Funky ride all around the world" (in the words of Outkast).

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