Who Are Women Without Having A Man


Inside The Girls Room

Chalk drawing - Who are you

As women get older, do some women pride themselves on having a man , taking care of a man, being his girlfriend, wifey, or baby mama? If so, why? Who are we  before we meet the men we are so willing to put our lives on hold for ?

Unfortunately, I have suffered from a loss of self and would never point fingers at any woman for forgetting who she was or is before she met a man she was willing to sacrifice it all for.

After gaining my control back I realized who I was first before I ever met any man I gave my heart to.

I am first a daughter before anything, belonging to God, my mom and dad. I am also a sister,  being blessed with an older brother. Being a cousin, niece and friend also played roles in my child development merging into an adult.

From these…

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