Aren’t you from New York?

Fashion, New York, Ooh La La Outfits

Taking the Tunic trend black AND floral, this girl had me beaming when she told me my style remember her of that  Big Ole Apple.


Mint 3/4 blazer. Check.

Black high waist cigarette pants. Check.

Floral dress you bought at Marshall’s when you spent whole checks on clothes. Check.

And there you have it.



3 thoughts on “Aren’t you from New York?

    1. I’m natural!! ❤ I got relaxers from 2000 to 2006. I quit because in high school, I started falling in love with Angela Davis' Afro and I was only getting perms twice a year because I hated the whole Saturday hair salon ritual. I color my hair myself. In fact, you have encouraged me to start posting some hair articles. Much love, be blessed!

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