LESSONS from RetroStank


1. They Don’t All Have To Like You. 

2. Heartful words CAN Change Moods & UPLIFT.

3. There Is An Inherent Joy In Being You, So Be You.

4. Telling somebody something they Do Not Want To Hear Doesn’t Make You A Bad Person.

5. A Sense Of Wonder Does Wonders. Look at LIFE With Fresh Eyes. Enjoy Your Freedom. Enjoy Your Loved Ones. Taking THINGS & PEOPLE FOR GRANTED IS OUT. Live with Amazement.

6. Encourage Yourself and When You Can, Encourage Others.

7. Appreciate The POSITIVE, GREAT, BEAUTIFUL things about Your Life. 

8. Think of All The Good Things That Happen To You and Get Happy & More Importantly, Grateful. 

9. Sift Through Your Pain for Your Past, Present and Future are affected by it. 

With Love,


Penned: December 10, 2013