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Meet the Talented Teen Building Creative Reputation Piece by Piece

Brilliant young man!


Animated versions of popular films and television programmes appear regularly on the internet. Among their vast number are the animated shorts by 15 year old Morgan Spence from Kilbarchan, Scotland, who uses stop-motion animation and Lego to bring his favourite features to life.

Spence has had an interest in collecting Lego figures from a young age. As the interest developed it led him to experiment with ideas which eventually culminated in creating animated videos for school projects as well as for his own website and YouTube channel. Spence initially decided to use stop-motion to perfect his Lego visions due to the forms, deceptive, simplicity.

“Stop-motion is a technique that does require time and patience, however it’s one that anyone can try. All that is needed is a camera and basic software.” said Morgan.

Stop-motion is a process by which a collage of photographs are played at fast speed to manipulate…

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Now see, Miz RetroStank is so many different things (aren't we all?), but namely, she IS a Chistian, wife, mother, light, poetess, songwriter, actress, fashion show coordinator, scriptwriter, freethinker, artist, ATLien, and a weirdo with a love for culture and healing. She wants you to know that you can BE, DO, and HAVE anything and everything through Christ! She is native to the third coast, specifically the Southern kingdoms of Arkansas and Georgia. Sweet as pie, good as gold, and free as a bird, she is the only girl of three chill'un, and lawd, did that make for some imagination and shopaholic tendencies. Her father was an Army man and her mama is an infinitely enthusiastic and loving lady. In any case, exposure to different places, expectation of excellence, and a homeopathic childhood environment, majorly tilted her towards uniqueness; she was THAT girl who wore a dragon-print dress with a mandarin collar one day and a funky TLC-inspired look complete with ponytails and barrettes the next. So, by now, you're understanding that she is all about the spice of life. So sit back, buckle your seat-belt, and enjoy "the Funky ride all around the world" (in the words of Outkast).

Two Cents, anyone?

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