Daughters of Curious George: The Lady in the Yellow Hat


They done called the First Lady a monkey,

Raven Symone sees no offense. 

I think she needs a prescription for contacts or bifocals,

To help her read between the lines.

But, enough of that, I am the Lady in the Yellow Hat.


Curiosity killed the cat and the catechism, so little George has got my guidance to navigate the Jungle.

I got rose-colored glasses. I get my vitamin D from the Sun. I read. Got coconut oil by the vat. Sugarcane juice in the fridge. 

Sticky situations, and he caught up like webs. Integrity, grace, and providence the only Cloaks of defense. My maiden name is Carmen San Diego. 

Today’s young lady is slightly crazy, I’m reminiscent of a older day.

Like lace gloves, tartlets, TLC before Left Eye died,  and play fighting.

Type that everybody know is gon breastfeed. 

And have a front porch for people watching. 

I kinda help George fight the mainstream. 


Daughters of Curious George

Meet the Talented Teen Building Creative Reputation Piece by Piece


Brilliant young man!


Animated versions of popular films and television programmes appear regularly on the internet. Among their vast number are the animated shorts by 15 year old Morgan Spence from Kilbarchan, Scotland, who uses stop-motion animation and Lego to bring his favourite features to life.

Spence has had an interest in collecting Lego figures from a young age. As the interest developed it led him to experiment with ideas which eventually culminated in creating animated videos for school projects as well as for his own website and YouTube channel. Spence initially decided to use stop-motion to perfect his Lego visions due to the forms, deceptive, simplicity.

“Stop-motion is a technique that does require time and patience, however it’s one that anyone can try. All that is needed is a camera and basic software.” said Morgan.

Stop-motion is a process by which a collage of photographs are played at fast speed to manipulate…

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A letter to my twenty-something self


Create your life

Since I am still in my twenties myself, this letter is not written BY me but rather FOR me, and for you.
It’s so profound and awakening, that I had to share it. I found it online and it is written by one of my favourite bloggers Christine Hassler. She wrote a letter to her twenty-something self, mirroring back from her thirty year old self.
There are statements I’ve never really consciously thought about, which blew my mind as I read them. I realized just how much I needed this to hear.
It made me think a lot, helped me to understand and accept myself better and expanded my mind. A very liberating feeling.
I hope you can take something away from it as well. It is definitely worth going through and giving it a thought. Enjoy!


Dear twenty-something self:

Please don’t be so hard on yourself. Be gentle.

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Hai World,

I absolutely adore blogging every day even if I’m a teeny bit stressed over meeting deadlines. However I’m still struggling to come up with ideas for certain letters but ‘c’ was quite an easy one for me. I always like to believe I was quite a confident young child even if I’ve had my moments where I have been reluctant to go interact with a stranger.

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