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Unlocking your inner champion

Anthropology is the dream field of Lauren Nicole Akins. Alas, most people think that means I want to go on digs and look at dusty, crusty bones and fossils (there is completely nothing wrong with that, except the fact that they are confusing anthropology with archeology).

I remember doing high school fieldwork experiments with my kooky teacher, Maureen Ellis. Yall, I lived for seventh period on Maroon days: Stonewall Jackson High had an altering schedule of Gold days and Maroon days, so anthro was special. I ain’t new to this, I’m true to this. My mama can tell you I had Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, slave tales, food from around the World, and other culturally specific books sprawling across my tan bedroom floor. I am a creep lol. Don’t let me go to Dekalb International Farmers Market or to a festival or an airport. I will be busy gazing at the beautiful Somali grandmother or the Japanese sushi chef’s gestures or the turquoise flower in ponytail of the Ecuadorian bus rider. People watching to the max! It makes me happy to see families out together or pretty people trying to be dainty or Kool ones expressing their unique swagger. And all I can think about, is creating characters out of each of them. You know, what are their favorite songs, colors, foods, and stories. Why do they do what they? For traditions? For social status? For personal happiness? I promise, if you looked at my thoughts, all of this would be there 65% of the time. I graduated with my Bachelor’s Magna cum laude. No, this fact is not included to boast, but to remind me of how astonied I am that three grad programs passed me over like I was a door marked with blood. I’ll admit, it took anthropology out of my daily thoughts and removed it to a less-frequented portion of my temporal lobe. Mind you, anthropology inherently involves travel, writing, and beauty (of art, clothes, food, people, so on and so forth) and that gets me going.

Today my little prince turned two months old and also, a couple of my good friends graduated from college, AND today I am twenty-five and eleven months old. So I’m thinking, what do I want out of next year and how will I make anthropology and writing a big part of my 2015?

My hubby put me on to Maxwell Maltz’s timeless guide called Psychocybernetics. Psychocybernetics
(Fast forward the video to about 12:00)

It is some hardcore stuff to get you noticing your opinions about yourself and how changing them WILL springboard you into a better and BEST future.

I encourage you to mentally timeline your childhood/adulthood area of passion and go hard for it!

Love and light.
Lauren Nicole



Now see, Miz RetroStank is so many different things (aren't we all?), but namely, she IS a Chistian, wife, mother, light, poetess, songwriter, actress, fashion show coordinator, scriptwriter, freethinker, artist, ATLien, and a weirdo with a love for culture and healing. She wants you to know that you can BE, DO, and HAVE anything and everything through Christ! She is native to the third coast, specifically the Southern kingdoms of Arkansas and Georgia. Sweet as pie, good as gold, and free as a bird, she is the only girl of three chill'un, and lawd, did that make for some imagination and shopaholic tendencies. Her father was an Army man and her mama is an infinitely enthusiastic and loving lady. In any case, exposure to different places, expectation of excellence, and a homeopathic childhood environment, majorly tilted her towards uniqueness; she was THAT girl who wore a dragon-print dress with a mandarin collar one day and a funky TLC-inspired look complete with ponytails and barrettes the next. So, by now, you're understanding that she is all about the spice of life. So sit back, buckle your seat-belt, and enjoy "the Funky ride all around the world" (in the words of Outkast).

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