In The World Of African American Fashion: Meet Designer Jérôme LaMaar…


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Meet Jérôme LaMaar

Jérôme LaMaar “I was wearing skinny jeans and had a hi-top fade before it was trendy. Kids on the subway called me names, but I went to an arts high school, so my classmates thought I was interesting and edgy”

bluJL “The 5:31 woman is not interested in common trends, she is clever enough to try unexplored ideas of timeless classics. There is also no room for unwearable Avant-Garde garments nor ball gowns in her fast pace life”

Photo Feb 02, 6 48 18 PM RTW Spring 2014

Bronx born, native New Yorker Jerome LaMaar, got his start in fashion at the age of 15. He interned at Baby Phat, working as a brand coordinator and senior designer (if you’ve ever watched Kimora Lee Simmons’ Life in the Fab Lane, you’d recognize him). By the time LaMaar was 19, he designed a Baby Phat collection.

LaMaar attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where he majored in fashion design and fabric…

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Mos Def Drops A Marvin Gaye Mash Up – Preview “Anna’s Love Song”




Most brilliant, the Def emcee calls the Marvin Gaye-inspired compilation Yasiin Gaye and it is set to drop February 25th.  “Anna’s Love Song” is the second single release and is a blend of Marvin Gaye’s dedication to his wife, “Anna’s Song” and Mos Def’s “Love”.   Call this soul music, love music, Cupid’s cool heat…This is Hip Hop


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15 Years Later, We Still Remember Amadou Diallo


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In preparation for my new job, I was asked to write a Six Word Story about something that pertains to social and economic justice. Being that I can’t get enough of hip-hop, I tried to think of a song that satisfied the prompt. Many of my activists friends would probably suggests I choose a Blue Scholars or Dead Prez song, but there is something about Mos Def’s track that hits home in a powerful way.

While I am not entirely onboard with Mos Def’s name change, I can 100% cosign “A Tree Never Grown”. The melody of the track really captures the sadness of the song and accurately portrays how people felt around the time of Amadou Diallo’s murder. (Which coincidentally occurred 15 years ago this month)

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