Dom Kennedy “All Girl Crazy” Track 03 of “Get Home Safely”

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dom kennedy

Dom Kennedy rides.

he say “Out of all girls, the ones I want/Love rap, especially God’s Son”

I. E.     ME!!

This Magnolia Shorty (R.I.L.) NOLA bounce sample so hard and simply put I love it. Check it.

100 Years of Women’s Fashion



FashioN HuB SpotS

Fashion has a great effect on every woman’s lifestyle around the world from the very beginning till now.
Most of the women in the world are obsessed with clothes, shoes and accessories and what they can actually bring into their wardrobe.

It’s a luxury and fashion can make all every woman happy and beautiful at the same time. Fashion makes a woman feel good about themselves.
In this modern time, more and more people are interested and want to be part of the fashion world. Women right now are not a share to express themselves through clothing.

Woman are now being creative with their looks and how they show to the world that they definitely can ROCK the world. 🙂
Check the infographic below for the 100 years of ladies fashion. Enjoy!

100 Years of Womens Fashion


Thanks & Love Lots!


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