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Melting & Melting: The Remix Pt. II

July the twenty-third, two thousand and twelve. afternoon
Playing: Tweet “Always Will”

-Lauren Akins

She was always so sweet, tooth-breaking sweet.
Watery, and soft.
A feeler who felt.
Flowing and increasing,
increasing heartbeats,
increasing tears, increasing scars.
She fought the ugly of the scars with a wide-mouthed smile, sweeping dust from her tomb.
Looking around, she was alone.
Standing, centerstage,
luring eyes towards her.
A sigh escapes her lips.
It tastes rough.
Yeah, a rough-tasting sigh, where too many words linger to be said, a sigh that turns you into a zombie
Eyes-locked cuz you are trying not to feel.
But, that’s what you do, Feeler!

And you know it best, the backs of your hands have wiped many tears.
So what?
She need some sort of conclusion?
A person has limits, you know,
Points when enough is more than enough
Points of flagrant anger, fiery anger
Cuz you took sugar and added salt,
Added salt til sugar was salt
And now, no one can tell the difference.
Yeah, she was tooth-breaking sweet………….
before you.

I knew she wasn’t finna answer, after that last ring
The way it rang told me that.
But I love her from the midnight black of her hair to the shine of her eyes.

Melting: The Remix Pt. II
Voluptuous….I really couldn’t even imagine eating all the food it takes to be
voluptuous but he say he don’t want nobody other than…..size extra small n he
love her, man cuz her soul so tall Victoria catalogue 95 Volvo she be ridin
y’all, don’t serve her no meat naw not at all more like strawberries n
cherries tale of a fairy say his seed she can carry smile indeed legendary don’t
u leave it’d be scary Like Candyman meets Friday the 13th oh n did I tell u she
was tooth breaking sweet? Just like lions eat good off of Christians in dens She
got enemies that pretend to be friends ones like the Romans that threw em in but
her character remain erect like Ausar and Aset High she step peace em up say



Now see, Miz RetroStank is so many different things (aren't we all?), but namely, she IS a Chistian, wife, mother, light, poetess, songwriter, actress, fashion show coordinator, scriptwriter, freethinker, artist, ATLien, and a weirdo with a love for culture and healing. She wants you to know that you can BE, DO, and HAVE anything and everything through Christ! She is native to the third coast, specifically the Southern kingdoms of Arkansas and Georgia. Sweet as pie, good as gold, and free as a bird, she is the only girl of three chill'un, and lawd, did that make for some imagination and shopaholic tendencies. Her father was an Army man and her mama is an infinitely enthusiastic and loving lady. In any case, exposure to different places, expectation of excellence, and a homeopathic childhood environment, majorly tilted her towards uniqueness; she was THAT girl who wore a dragon-print dress with a mandarin collar one day and a funky TLC-inspired look complete with ponytails and barrettes the next. So, by now, you're understanding that she is all about the spice of life. So sit back, buckle your seat-belt, and enjoy "the Funky ride all around the world" (in the words of Outkast).

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