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Ritual of Healing #5: Embracing your dark side

Ritual of Healing #5: Embracing your dark side

The Shadow: psychologist Carl Jung broke down that all our unsavory and negative emotions, behaviors, tendencies, and memories combine to create our hidden and unconscious vulnerablities and weaknesses. Dang, turning that finger that points to other people and circumstance to who it needs to be pointed at, i.e. YOU, is something else.

i know that i am at fault on this one; i stay avoiding that “mean/don’t give a damn/selfish/judgemental Lauren”. J. Cole actually has a song called “2Face” (that I recommend and used to play evry morning getting my outfit on) that speaks to this idea of us switching gears between two poles. Man, honestly, just allowing yourself to be authentic and alive in the emotion, positive or negative, is empowering. I had had this obsession with always seeing the good or making excuses for why I should be the bigger person in the scenario (I really think it was remenants of my highly involved dabbling in Buddhism/Hinduism/Taoism/metaphysics/laws of Ma’at that left no room for showing out/clowning/goin off when it was truly warranted.)

Little do you know, we all have periods in our lives where we look back and say “Damn, I was terrible!!” or “That was painful-embarassing-sad” and you know what, those occasions serve as character building.


The Japanese aesthetic view of Wabi-sabi centers on the transience and imperfection of art/life. Roughness, asymmetry, irregularity=BEAUTY

A powerful concept.

anyway, on last night, I took a look in the mirror and said, “I love evry cell in my body, evry vein of my soul, and evry beat of my heart.” especially the Shadow.


The power of mindfully embracing your dark side!!

via Ritual of Healing #5: Embracing your dark side.



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