Just Outside of Lafayette


Masai man

That old man creeping by, grinning a toothless grin could be a warrior from Kenya.
Beaded and handlin a spear, yeah that’s what I see.
And that youngin with da miniskirt probably a princess from Mufaro’s beautiful  daughters.
See, to see beyond the broken package to see the soul is so so solar
Sonar tapping into, to the hidden sound
A breezing of the breathe and beat of beauty
In the most unusual places: I find.
Your body is a castle, cuz a king or queen lives there.
Bump that beat, blaze those lines, real rhythm in real time.
Where color lives broad as an ocean.
Catlike the woman Batman was once holding.
funk-the best slice of the pie.
diapers getting changed broad daylight in da backseat.
peep the actuality in reality.
float on, floaters.
roll on, rollers.
and keep Creator in your acknowledgements.
Beyond, to Infinity and Beyond.
keep that bond forevermore
ugly ducks turn to swans and eggheads that sit up tall slide off the wall
so know it aint long til you’ll have that  place up

Dry Tribe



It’s so hard when you’re the backbone.
Who can u cry to, if u ain’t got no eyes?
Somehow, tears squeeze their way outta da backbone, proud and fine.
That backbone covered up by a coat, so no one sees him crying.
He been taught tears mean spineless,
And he’d cease to exist. but right now damn all dat.
Drops of salty eye water itching to fall from what he doesn’t have.
Cuz his bones are dry.
And who can make nation out of dry bones?
Somewhere up in the sky,
For heavens sake, a little bone moving inside of a back.
a little bone moving, dancing
And that is his rain dance for eyes.  this backbone would cry!
Cry for his seven grown kids
And his lovely ex-wife
Only if he could relive the year two thousand and five.
He would have bent a little to see life from all sides, not be rigid and unmovable.
His own actions booted him.