“They wanted a son so much they made their daughter live as a boy” by Sheena McKenzie Updated 12:18 PM EDT

Very interesting piece of anthropology! In Afghanistan, some girls are performing the role of son for their families to have better economic conditions. Keep the girls and families in prayer.



Rain intensifies flooding in saturated Arkansas, Oklahoma

FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) — Brad Hindley planned to be vacationing on a lake this week. Instead, he’s been on a boat in his swamped Fort Smith neighborhood trying to keep gas in generators that are…
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This is my native state, Arkansas. I am heartbroken for our state. Please pray and support how you are able and led.

5,200 people in ICE custody quarantined for exposure to mumps or chicken pox

Crying aloud for the people suffering in the immigration detention centers! This is an egregious human rights violation for people to be unable to leave a facility and yet, have their health at risk…in 2019…in the “land of the free and the home of the brave!”